Don’t Hide Your Legs! 3 Reasons To Consider Laser Hair Removal

The holidays are over and the days are getting longer, which means warm weather is just around the corner! Make it your New Year’s resolution to flaunt your legs with confidence this spring and summer, instead of hiding them in long pants.

You don’t need to shave or wax to keep your legs looking smooth and sexy. Thanks to advanced laser technologies, you can use the impressive power of lasers to permanently reduce and eventually remove hair from the body.

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal works its magic by targeting the pigment, or melanin, in each hair. As the melanin absorbs the laser’s heat energy, hair follicles become severely damaged and unable to continue the hair growth cycle. It is for this reason that experts recommend letting your hair grow in the days and weeks leading up to your laser hair removal appointment.

The less that you interfere with the hair growth cycle, the better the chances that the laser can effectively target hair follicles. However, you do need to shave your hair on the day of treatment so that the laser energy can focus directly on hair follicles and make the most progress.

Over the course of your laser hair removal sessions, the hair in your treated areas will become thinner and lighter until it stops growing altogether!

Look Forward to a Few Appointments

Since laser hair removal delivers results by gradually reducing the amount of hair that grows onto the skin, more than one appointment is necessary to achieve your desired outcome. While smaller, more delicate areas of the body like the face or the armpits might respond more rapidly, larger targets like the chest and legs will likely require a few more appointments to fully wipe away unwanted hair.

The good news is that with advanced laser systems treatments are lightning fast, painless, and surprisingly simple. After just four, six, or eight sessions, your legs will be permanently ready for some serious flaunting.

Laser Hair Removal Can Work on All Skin Types

Some lasers only work on light skin that have dark hair, but more advanced laser systems use sophisticated wavelength technology to generate better energy absorption by the melanin chromosphere, allowing a wide range of hair types and skin colors to respond effectively to laser hair removal treatment. No more limitations!

Call Laser Hair Removal Tampa Bay today to schedule your first appointment at get legs you love.