4 Reasons to Go Shaveless

Standard hair removal methods like shaving and waxing are time-consuming, expensive, and never-ending. Dull razors, painful waxing sessions, and extremely temporary results make removing unwanted body hair a huge inconvenience. This is exactly why laser hair reduction makes such an excellent hair removal alternative. The following four reasons to go shaveless will have you wondering why you’ve been sticking with your razor for so many years.

Laser Hair Reduction is Grounded in Proven Science

Laser hair reduction uses laser light energy to completely penetrate the pigment of each targeted hair. As the pigment absorbs that light, the hair follicle is irreversibly destroyed and unable to grow back. This process is FDA-approved for permanent hair reduction, meaning that smooth skin will last years before hair grows back, if at all, in a considerably reduced manner.

Achieve Results For Women and Men

Laser hair reduction can be customized to target virtually every part of the body for men and women alike. Men often focus on the face, chest, and back areas, while women want eliminate hair from the legs, underarms, bikini area, and upper lip. A laser like the Lumenis used at Tampa Laser Hair Removal in Tampa, Florida can quickly and efficiently target large areas of hair like the chest and back, as well as smaller and more delicate regions of hair such as the bikini area and armpits.

Reduce Unwanted Side Effects

Sensitive skin on the body shouldn’t be forced to undergo shaving, tweezing, chemical creams, and other treatments likely to cause irritation and inflammation. Red bumps, razor burn, and ingrown hairs shouldn’t have to interrupt the grooming process. Fortunately, laser hair reduction is a gentle process that is able to target each hair follicle without damaging the surrounding skin. The Lumenis laser even cools the skin before and during treatment to increase your comfort and minimize any irritation.

Feel Liberated!

Imagine waking up each day and enjoying the look and feel of smooth, silky, hair-free skin without needing to shave. You can wear your favorite shorts, flaunt your body on the beach with confidence, and reach for the tall shelf without embarrassment. Laser hair removal makes it possible to live your life without the stress of daily hair removal.

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