How to Conveniently Ditch Your Razor Forever

Have you been on the fence about whether or not to get laser hair removal? One of the big sticklers for many women is that they don’t believe it can really replace their razor. Doesn’t the hair grow back eventually?

Well, yes, it does. You’re right to be skeptical of any treatment that claims to completely eliminate body hair without completely killing the follicles and causing damage to the skin. However, laser hair removal does significantly delay regrowth, and with enough treatments you can eventually reach the point that the growth is minimal enough to ignore.

But if you have to repeat the treatments, do they really save you money?

The average woman spends almost $200 a year just on shaving supplies. The average price of laser hair removal in 2019 was $287. The best results, which may not occur with your first treatment, will keep your body hair free for about two years. So, yes, it can save you money, depending on the rate of hair regrowth. Everyone is different and responds differently to the treatments.

You really can conveniently ditch your razor and only worry about hair removal at specific, prescheduled times. Contact us today for an appointment if you want to learn more about this procedure.