Ignore These Outdated Myths About Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal has become the ultimate alternative to the tedious tasks of shaving and waxing. However, the Internet still makes it easy to spread false information. If you’ve read the following myths, be sure to disregard them. The truth is that laser hair removal is a safe, efficient, and flexible treatment that has helped millions of patients achieve smooth, silky skin.

Myth: Laser Hair Removal On the Bikini Area Impacts Fertility

Perhaps this myth began circulating before laser technology was fully understood. The truth is that lasers only target hair follicles, meaning they won’t penetrate beyond the surface of the skin. No organs or other body functions will be impacted with laser treatment, only your unwanted hair. You definitely don’t need to worry about your fertility as you achieve silky skin!

Myth: Only People With Dark Hair Can Use Laser Hair Removal

This myth was true at one point, when lasers were not yet quite as advanced as we see now. In today’s world, anybody can seek laser hair removal with the right high-quality laser system. The only exceptions are white and gray hair, which lack pigment and thus can’t be identified or removed with laser treatment. But blondes and redheads no longer need to worry about the lasers not responding their hair color—there’s a laser for that!

Myth: One Laser Hair Removal Session Removes ALL Hair Permanently

This is an important myth to clear up. The name “laser hair removal” can be confusing, because in reality one set of treatments will reduce hair by about 40 percent to 80 percent, depending on hair color and thickness. This hair reduction lasts a significant amount of time, and for most people ends up growing back much, much thinner than before.

The next set of treatments tackles any surviving hairs to make the next round of hair grow-back very insignificant. Even if you need “touch-up” appointments now and then, your skin will remain largely hair-free and the hair may eventually stop growing back at all.

Truth: It Matters Where You Receive Laser Hair Removal

This one isn’t a myth. Just like you wouldn’t receive Botox from a roadside booth, you don’t want to undergo laser hair removal from a source without credibility and experience. At Tampa Laser Hair Removal, you can enjoy the highest quality treatments with advanced lasers. Call (813) 773-0804 to learn more about Tampa Laser Hair Removal and schedule your first appointment.